Headquated in Tokyo, Navix is a quality language service provider committed to meeting your global communication needs.

Managing a worldwide network of professional translators and designers, our company offers a cost-effective, comprehensive range of multilingual services in more than 50 languages.

From simple document translations to every aspect of corporate communication localization, we are prepared to provide you with the best solution.

Your passport to world markets


Translations Dept


Our translators are familiar with each field and use accurate and concise expressions.

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Manual Document Dept

Design & DTP

Our staff is multi-national and can process text in a wide range of different languages.

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Overseas branch

Over the years, Navix has expanded its service coverage throughout Asia and Europe by establishing offices in key locations. Through these offices, we are currently positioned to ensure rapid response to the needs of our clients.

Quanos Content Solutions certified Gold Partner

Navix is a certified Gold Partner of Quanos Content Solutions GmbH.